Check Out The Top 3 Benefits of Working with a Third-Party Technical Staffing Agency

When it comes time to recruit and hire technical contractors and employees, employers want to fill the position as quickly as possible. One option to fill positions is to use recruiting and staffing firms to find a candidate. Typically after signing a staffing agreement, the two companies will work together to find and hire a candidate.

Here are a few examples of how working with a third-party recruiting or staffing firm is beneficial.

Candidates Qualifications

In the technical industry, while it's easy to find developers, engineers, consultants, and other key candidate types, it is not as simple to identify their proficiency. Many internal recruiters and staffing employees have specialities working with people, but do not possess the skill to qualify a candidates technical proficiency. Oftentimes, hiring managers may struggle identifying who has the technical skills needed to do the work. As such, a technical recruiting agency with skilled staff that have held jobs similar to what a company is hiring for are able to fully qualify and vet candidates.

Third party staffing and recruiting firms can identify candidates that have the skills their client needs. Any candidate can say they can say they can do the work needed for the job. A true technical recruiter can confirm the candidate can do the work by having the candidate complete a technical exercise and/or ask them a series of scenario-based questions to identify their thought process and skills. This is highly valuable for employers that know they need, for instance, a Ruby on Rails developer, but don't know how to thoroughly screen a developer.


Time is money. Especially in the technology market which is always hiring even during market downturns. Oftentimes, internal recruiters may not have enough time to find technical candidates.

Meanwhile, third-party staffing firms invest all of their time identifying candidates, expanding their personal network, and staying on top of industry trends. This way, these staffing firms can quickly tap their network and reconnect with the right candidates to quickly source and fill positions. Staffing companies can take the load of identification, qualification, initial interviewing, and candidate management off of your hands.

Industry Expertise

Most companies specialize in a product or service. Often, if they have open technical positions, those positions are not a specialty or focus of their core business. Using a recruiting firm that understands the market, rates, and terminology will help them identify and source a candidate much quicker in that niche market.

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