The Challenge

The second-largest student transportation company in the U.S. has been growing through the acquisition of various companies. This has brought together multiple applications and teams, resulting in a lack of visibility of their AWS Total Cost of Ownership.

As such, they needed assistance assessing their AWS utilization to identify if they were

 paying too much on their monthly bill. Velocity Works identified they had unused servers running, idle EC2 instances, and other over all locations on RDS and EBS.

The Outcome

By optimizing their AWS systems, Velocity Works reduced the transportation company's monthly bill peaking at $41,000 down to $24,000, a 41% reduction. This results in over $204,000 in annual cost savings for the customer.

This savings more than paid for their AWS assessment and remediation. The transportation company now has cost visibility into its AWS cloud spend, and peace of mind knowing their system is optimized.