The job market has never been hotter, but there is a struggle to find qualified candidates to fill these technical roles that employers are seeking. As an IT staffing agency and custom software development company, we know what employers are looking for as far as talent, skills and more. 

 In this article, we define some of the hot jobs in the market that we're seeing, but most importantly, the missing piece to the puzzle that is often the driving force behind extending a final offer letter. 

And what is that piece? We'll get to that soon.

Top Trending Technical Roles in the Current Job Market

At Velocity Works, we're seeing an uptick in the job market for filling technical job roles for employers both big and small. You might say these are some hard to fill roles based on how specialized each position is as most require a certain level of skill sets and experience. 

These roles consist of the following:

Specialized Electrical and Industrial Engineers
Solution Architects
Civil Engineers
Technical Leadership
Project Manager
Product Manager

While these are just some of the technical roles employers are looking for in this job market, it's merely a glimpse into the high demand for technical talent.

Discover How Hot the Job Market is Right Now, and What Employers Really Want

What Employers Really Want in Their Hires

When it comes to hiring in this current job market, employers are looking for more than just the right skills. They want candidates that mesh well with their company culture. By hiring a candidate that doesn't fit within their culture, can make or break a team.

What exactly is company culture? To put it simply, it’s what makes the company tick, how they communicate and get things done in the workplace. It also consists of sharing the same core values and beliefs.

The Impact of Hiring Candidates That Fit Within the Company Culture

By finding candidates that match and reflect a company's culture, it helps employees stay engaged and motivated to work. It's been found that "companies with strong cultures have seen a 4x increase in revenue growth." So it's no wonder that companies place such heavy emphasis on finding employees that share their own values, beliefs and work ethics.

According to Team Stage, "around 63% of US companies find it harder to retain than to hire workers." This sends a huge message on the value of finding candidates that are not only technically qualified, but fit in with the company culture as these companies can better retain talent long term. 

How Hiring the Wrong Candidate Can Hurt Performance

When a company is trying to decide between two candidates, they will choose the one that is the best fit for the job. But what happens when the candidate doesn’t mesh with the company culture? More than you would think.

It can hurt the company in a number of ways including:

High Turnover: If an employer hires a candidate that isn’t the right fit culturally, it can lead to turnover as the employee is likely to leave if they are not happy.
Tension Within the Workplace: Every company has rhythm to it, but hiring someone that can’t follow the existing rhythm can create tension and conflict within the team and work dynamic.
Sales: When employees aren’t happy, your customers can feel it too. This leads to lower customer satisfaction and an impact on sales.
Productivity: When your employees are not working together effectively, it can take a toll on productivity, and even the company’s bottom line.

These are just a few examples of how crucial it is to hire the right candidate the first time and how important it is that employers not only find qualified candidates, but one that matches their company culture. By finding a hire that matches with their company culture, it will take them further in the long run as opposed to hiring someone solely based on technical proficiency in this job market as the candidate will be more likely to stay.

Get the Best Candidates Today in this Job Market

If you are in need of quality candidates but are having trouble sourcing them, it may be time to consider working with an experienced staffing and recruiting agency. At Velocity Works, we are a full service staffing agency dedicated to finding exceptional hires that will match and reflect your company culture. As a technical staffing agency, we go the extra mile for our clients to make sure they receive only the best candidates from us.

When we first work with a company, we provide an initial in-take call to gather all the information we need including the job title, years of experience, skills, and most importantly, a clear understanding of the company culture. 

From there, our technical recruiters will scout for your ideal candidate. Our team will do all the work for you including sifting through resumes, perform personal outreach, pre-screen candidates to even having them perform recorded technical exercises (if needed) to ensure their level of competency is on point. Our account managers will only send the best candidates along with their recorded exercises to help you determine if you would like to engage in an interview.

We can have candidates ready for your review in up to 72-hours. There's no need to wait around in this job market, because Velocity works has you covered!

Get Matched Today With Your Ideal Candidate

If you are ready to take the next step and hire talented professionals that meet the skills you need and match your company values, Velocity Works is here to show you the difference in quality we can provide you in this job market. 

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