The Growing Need for Technical Staffing

The 21st century has seen a dramatic increase in the need for technical staffing companies. This is due to the ever-growing reliance on technology as it plays a crucial role in our daily lives. From maintaining our critical infrastructure to how we do business, technology is a vital part of how we function. The need for technical staffing has grown to the point that it is now an industry unto itself, with many companies offering services and solutions specifically geared toward this sector. 

As our dependence on technology continues to increase, so does the need for finding qualified technical staffing to maintain and operate it. 

There are many reasons behind this growing demand. First, as mentioned above, our reliance on technology has increased exponentially in recent years. This has led to a corresponding increase in the number of jobs that require some level of technical expertise. Secondly, the pool of qualified candidates is relatively small compared to other industries. This means that there is a high demand for those with the necessary skills and experience. Due to the nature of work itself, it is constantly changing and evolving. 

Technical staffing companies are therefore playing an increasingly important role in helping businesses find the right qualified candidates for their needs which is why many are turning to IT staffing agencies.

Today's Hiring Process

In today's business world, the hiring process has become increasingly complex. With the rise of the internet and the accessibility of social media tools such as LinkedIn, companies are now able to reach a global pool of candidates. While this may seem great at first, it has actually made it more difficult than ever to find the right person for the job. 

Why do you ask? 

While companies can sift through hundreds and hundreds of applications followed by countless interviews, they can only hope to find an applicant with the right technical skill set needed to do the job. 

The problem we're seeing isn't about finding candidates (because there are plenty of them out there), it's finding the right ones that are qualified. It's finding the candidates that have the experience and expertise to fulfill the technical job requirements.

technical staffing companies and their hiring process

How Technical Staffing Companies Have Changed the Game For Hiring

Technical staffing companies are reinventing the hiring process by using new technologies to connect employers with qualified candidates. Instead of companies posting online job boards, spending hours reviewing resumes and time interviewing candidates, technical staffing companies will instead do this all for you but in a more efficient way. 

Technical staffing companies tend to have access to a wide pool of applicants in their database, and are able to quickly identify potential candidates and match them with open positions. Not only do they have the tools necessary to find these candidates, they also have the determination to find the "hidden gem" of potential candidates that aren't actively looking. 

Through personalized outreach, they can find your ideal hire and entice them to learn more about new exciting job opportunities.


Background: Velocity Works is a prime example of an IT staffing agency that found a qualified candidate that was not actively searching, but still managed to lead them to the new opportunity for one of their clients.

A client wanted to find a technical hire for an upper management role and reached out to Velocity Works to help them fill the role. Velocity Works' lead IT recruiter scouted for applicants and came across a software developer on LinkedIn that matched the skill set and experience the client was looking for to fill the position. 

Since she had been with her company for well over 15 years, it can be difficult to deter someone who has been committed to a company for so long. In his outreach, the IT recruiter was able to effectively communicate to her both the job position, skill set requirements and company culture. 

Due to the recruiter's thoroughness and attention to detail, the applicant accepted the invitation to apply for the role. In a matter of two weeks, the candidate had received her offer letter. By investing in a technical staffing company, it allows employers to save time and money on their hiring process while still finding the best possible candidate for the job. 

Using a technical staffing company is a great way for businesses to find qualified candidates quickly and efficiently.

How Do Technical Staffing Companies Work?

Technical staffing companies often use different approaches when it comes to determining the qualifications of a candidate compared to your average employer. 

Due to the staffing agency's technical background, they are able to determine the skill sets needed to fulfill a role. This can include the level of knowledge for various programming languages from Java to Python. While a typical recruiter may be familiar with some of these languages, a technical staffing company will be able to determine how skilled the candidate actually is in that realm. 

How do they determine this? 

By having the candidates perform technical exercises. The technical staffing company will first review with the employer the qualifications, skill requirements, and level of experience needed to be successful for the role. Next, they will create a technical exercise that is customized to meet the employer's expectations. The IT recruiting company will then select the best applicants they see fit and record them performing these exercises. 

Only vetted and prescreened applicants are sent to the employer, saving the company time from interviewing unqualified candidates.

How Do Technical Staffing Companies Help Businesses?

Technical staffing companies help businesses by not only saving them money, but giving them back one of the most valuable resources, their time. Time from posting job boards, time from sifting through resumes, time interviewing, and time from hiring poor qualified candidates. 

By working with a technical staffing company by your side, you can find the best qualified hires fast. This allows businesses to save time and money on the hiring process, as well as ensuring that they are able to find the best possible candidates for their open positions.

Work With a Technical Staffing Company With Proven Results

If you're looking for a staffing company that can help you with your hiring needs, then look no further than Velocity Works. We can help you find the best candidates for the job, and make the process as painless as possible. Contact us today to get started!