The Challenge

A leading technology firm providing an API to connect a cryptocurrency to applications needed to hire a Golang developer. As with many technical and IT jobs, demand for hiring a software developer is high. Due to the nature of their organization, they lacked the internal resources and time to perform candidate screening and hiring.

The Solutions

In order to remove the IT staffing and recruiting burden, the company’s CEO made a commitment to use Velocity Works. He chose to do this because he wanted to quickly bring aboard a developer while spending a minimal amount of time interviewing. Unlike other staffing firms that use recruiters with no technical background, Velocity Works staff has worked in IT in positions such as solutions architecture, software development, and cyber security. 

So while many IT staffing companies attempt to screen candidates, they can't tell the difference between a novice and experienced IT staff. In addition, Velocity Works has the in-house expertise to develop a technical test for candidates, and ensure the candidate can perform the tasks needed. As such, Velocity Works was selected for staffing and hiring a software developers.

In less than a day, Velocity Works developed the technical exercise which the customer signed off on. Over a short period, the Velocity Works team completed an initial prescreen of developers, of which a smaller subset were invited to complete the technical exercise. Those that successfully completed the technical exercise were presented to the customer. After discussion, a candidate was selected.

The Results

The customer realized significant time savings only having to interview qualified candidates due to Velocity Works' novel IT staffing process. By streamlining the flow of qualified technical candidates to the CEO, only a small amount of his time was required to conduct interviews.Due to the effectiveness of the new staffing process, Velocity Works was retained to recruit and supply IT staffing services to fill two additional software developer position.