Among the many staffing firms in Pittsburgh, Velocity Works has seen it all. After years of interviewing candidates, sifting through resumes, personal outreach and working with establishments both large and small, you could say we're pretty familiar with the hiring process.

At Velocity Works, our approach to staffing is unlike that of your typical temp agency. With us, we dig deeper to understand the root of the issue and offer valuable solutions. Those solutions consist of finding the best talented technical IT professionals in the industry for our clients.

As an IT staffing firm in Pittsburgh, we want to share some key information to helping you improve your hiring process. Check out our team's top 3 tips to help you hire the right candidate.

Discover the Top 3 Secrets to Finding Exceptional Hires

1.) Define the Role You're Looking to Fill

Oftentimes, we see companies have a particular role that they are looking for, but the job title isn't specific to what the position truly entails. By labeling the job title incorrectly, it can vary the responsibility load, salary range and job qualifications. With the wrong job title, you could be attracting the wrong candidates which can waste time on sifting through irrelevant resumes and interviewing unqualified applicants. 

That's why job titles play a crucial role. At Velocity Works, we know how to attract the right talent and draw in highly qualified professionals which is why we place such emphasis on the title. It’s important to be specific with your job title. Just like the cover of a book, a candidate will go to apply to the job title that suites them best.

IT staffing firms in Pittsburgh Reveal Top Hiring Secrets

2.) Re-Organize Your Interview Process

The interview process plays a key role in hiring the right person as it can help you learn more about the candidate and see if they could be a good cultural company fit. While interviews are great, it can also hurt you if your interview process is too long. And we're not referring the the time it takes for the interview, but the number of interviews with the same candidate. 

As a Pittsburgh IT staffing firm, we've seen companies require applicants to go through weeks of interviews before sending out an official offer letter. This delay can actually hurt you as the qualified candidate could be offered a position elsewhere. It's important to keep your interview process as short and efficient as possible to get the best candidate before they are snatched by another company. 

3.) Thorough Review of Work History

We've seen employers quickly glance resumes, interview and hire without carefully reviewing the candidates work history. Without a thorough review of the candidate's work history, you could be hiring someone who may not have the experience needed to properly fulfill the job requirements. 

It's important to thoroughly review the candidate's work history before making any offers. By carefully reviewing, and performing reference checks, you can be more confident that the candidate is a good fit for the position.

How IT Staffing Firms in Pittsburgh are Making Hiring Even Easier for Employers

Pittsburgh IT staffing firms are seeing a lot of difficulty in the hiring process lately, especially with the lack of qualified professionals in the technical realm. Companies are having a hard time finding qualified candidates that fit their needs and culture. This can be a big challenge, but there is hope. 

At Velocity Works, we are a full service custom software development company and IT staffing agency. We can help you define your job roles so you can attract the right talent. With a 15-min intake call, our lead recruiters can then move forward and do the work for you. Our team will pre-screen candidates for you, review their past work history and send them your way to make the final decision. 

We're all about making perfect staffing matches for both employers and candidates. We know how important it is to make a great fit, and find a better hire. If you want more information on how our IT staffing firm can help, please call us at (412) 212-8080 or email us at [email protected].